PPM Viewer

A super-quick way to check your PPMs are being drawn just how you want.

GIF -> PNG Strip

Convert animated GIFs into horizontal PNG strips, for use as sprites in JavaScript, CSS, etc.


A small game I made in a day.

JavaScript Keycode

A useful tool that easily allows you to check the key-code corresponding to a particular key.

Nonlinear Reflections

Curved mirrors casting distorted reflections is nothing new in the real world. Why isn't the same true of mathematics?


Brian is a short game about bullying, made for a competition, in which it received a Special Mention. Currently only works properly in Chrome.

Siteswap Regex

Many have tried to formulate a regular expression that would successfully validate siteswaps. All have failed. Until now. Weighing in at just under 2-million characters, it's an impressive sight to behold.

Pass the Pigs

Everything's better when it's text-based! And with that thought upon my mind, I created this: a faithful reconstruction of the popular game, Pass the Pigs.

The Guillotine Window

A small poem I wrote about a rather gruesome subject.