A retro shooter with a pretty grid. Runner up at the HaC Game Gig 3000. Made in just 4 hours.


An animated fractal artwork background, originally designed for Hack Cambridge.

Pokémon Battle System

A pet project of mine for about a year—recreating the battle system present in the Pokémon games. The systems are deceptively complex and it was an enjoyable challenge to work out how best to implement all the mechanics in order to have a cohesive whole. The icing on the cake? There's even online multiplayer.

Battle System Dev Log

A developer log for the Pokémon Battle System I've worked on. A nice way to see an overview of the progress over time. Updates in real-time.

Heapsort Visualisation

A visualisation to help one understand the Heapsort algorithm more naturally.

PPM Viewer

A super-quick way to check your PPMs are being drawn just how you want.

GIF → PNG Strip

Convert animated GIFs into horizontal PNG strips, for use as sprites in JavaScript, CSS, etc.


A small game made in a couple of hours, just to see how long it would take.

JavaScript Keycode

A useful tool that easily allows you to check the key-code corresponding to a particular key.

Nonlinear Reflections

Curved mirrors casting distorted reflections is nothing new in the real world. Why isn't the same true of mathematics?


Brian is a short game about bullying, made for a competition, in which it received a Special Mention.

Siteswap Regex

Many have tried to formulate a regular expression that would successfully validate siteswaps. All have failed. Until now. Weighing in at just under 2-million characters, it's an impressive sight to behold.

Pass the Pigs

Everything's better when it's text-based! And with that thought upon my mind, I created this: a faithful reconstruction of the popular game, Pass the Pigs.

The Guillotine Window

Gruesome decapitations + iambic tetrameter → one snappy little poem.