Battle Engine Dev Log

There have been 133 new updates since you last checked.
Added Pokémon form(e)s. This means gender-based form differences like Pikachu, or fully-fledged formes such as those belonging to Deoxys or Giratina.Added a move summary screen that displays useful information about each of the Pokémon's moves.Added embedded images in the Dev Log. A fair number of screenshots have been added retrospectively.Added Sky Battles.Pokémon that float, fly or hover now have a visual indication that they do so.Added O-Powers. Will anyone use them? Who knows. But they're there now, anyway.Enabled the view to zoom and rotate, giving move animations far more dynamism.Added shiny Pokémon.Added a scaling option, so you can battle at twice the resolution.Added Inverse Battles.The player may now switch out their Pokémon before their opponent sends theirs out, should the setting be turned on.Added party size indicators at the start of the battle, so you know how many Pokémon your opponent has.Added mid- and end-battle trainer speeches, for important battles such as Gym Leader and Elite Four battles.Finalised the evolution mechanics and added an evolution screen.Added the Pokémon Storage System to store Pokémon when the player's party is full.Inline images can now be displayed in the textbox. This allows for the little bag pocket icons when the player obtains a new item, for instance.Added visual effects for sandstorms, fog, shadowy aura and diamond dust.Added text formatting options to the textbox, such as bold and italic type.Added scene-dependant overlays so that, for example, some scenes (like woods at night) will appear darker than others.Added support for animated sprites to the battle system, Generation-V style.Pokémon can now have ribbons.Completed online multiplayer battles between two people.Added keyboard support.Capturing Pokémon is now a possibility.Created a system for TMs and HMs.Added a badge system which affects which Pokémon may disobey their trainer.Added move animations.Added a constant visual indication of the weather for intense sunlight, rain and hail.Added a frame-rate indicator to the battle system.Added Ingrain.Flying or Levitating Pokémon can now be grounded by certain attacks, making them vulnerable by Ground-type moves.Added an interface for the bag.Got the experience bar transitioning properly.Added a fainting transition animation.Animated the health bars so that they increase or decrease proportionally to the Pokémon's maximum health.Fixed all the timing with the battles, so that everything happens in the right order.Added messages that last for a certain duration, rather than until the user presses the action button, in the textbox.Made the battle menu display the moves, as well as Pokémon, Bag and Run on the same menu.The battle menu can now be displayed.Improved the shadow system to allow for distorted shadows of any size and in any direction.Got the Pokémon health / status bars displaying.Added a preliminary textbox.Got the background, the battling Pokémon and their shadows drawing.Started work on the graphical interface for the battle engine.Added Roar.Moves can now switch Pokémon in or out.Added Wrap.There is now support for partially-trapping moves, such as Wrap.Added Disable.Added Future Sight.Added Struggle.Some moves can now hit a Pokémon in a semi-invulnerable state. For example, Magnitude will still hit a Pokémon that has just used Dig.Added Dig.Added Fly.Pokémon can now use moves with a semi-invulnerable turn, such as Dig or Fly.Added Sketch.Added the Sitrus Berry.Pokémon may now hold items (and use them if possible).One can now use items on Pokémon during the battle.Added Transform.Added Substitute.Added Counter.Added Feint.Added Pursuit.Added Protect.Added Yawn.Added moves that have effects in the future, such as Doom Desire.Added the Heal Block effect.Added Absorb.There is now support for moves that steal health from other Pokémon.Added Synthesis.Added healing moves.Added Levitate.Added the move Magnitude.Eggs have been added although, admittedly, they don't really do that much.Added Spikes.Added entry hazards.Added shiny Pokémon.Added Perish Song.Added the nightmare volatile status condition.Added infatuation.Added support for moves with crash damage (i.e. recoil only if they miss), such as Jump Kick.Added support for moves that do a constant amount of damage, such as Dragon Rage.Added support for OHKO moves, like Guillotine.Recent updates now show a relative time (like "3 minutes ago") instead of the actual time, to give a better sense of how recent each update is.Pokémon may now evolve when they reach a certain level of friendship.Pokémon can now have multiple conditions to meet before they evolve (for example, they might need to reach a certain level, while holding a certain item, and having a certain friendship level).Added friendship (happiness).Added an interface to send new updates, which should make it more convenient for me to keep you updated.The Dev Log will now automatically notify you when you're using an outdated version, ensuring that you never have to cope with annoying bugs and that you can always take advantage of the latest features.Pokémon can now evolve upon levelling up! Some Pokémon will learn new moves upon evolution.Pokémon can now level up. They can also learn new moves when they level up (and more than one per level, too).Pokémon now gain experience after defeating opponents.Added Take Down.Allowed moves to have recoil damage.Added Curse.Added the cursed volatile status condition.Added Supersonic.Added confusion.Added flinching.The Dev Log now updates in real time, without one needing to refresh the page.Added timestamps to the updates, so one can see exactly when they were put in place (although times up until this point have had to be approximated, as they were not recorded).Added all the correct formulae for calculating Pokémon stats.Added IVs and EVs.Added natures.Added accuracy and evasion.Upgraded the Dev Log to highlight those updates that have been added since the user last checked, as well as updating a lot of the underlying infrastructure.Added the move Hyper Voice, which is prevented by Soundproof.Added the Soundproof ability.Created a Dev Log for the battle engine.Added Metronome.Added categories (e.g. sound-based) to moves to allow for things such as the Soundproof ability.Added support for multi-strike moves, such as Pin Missile.Added support for variable turn moves, such as Solar Beam.Added support for multi-turn moves, such as Hyper Beam.Added disobedience to Pokémon.Added sleep, paralysis, frozen, burn, poison and badly poisoned status effects.Trainers can now be defeated.Pokémon can now faint.Added weather effects.Added basic moves: those that simply apply the damage formula, such as Tackle.Added abilities that take effect when a stat change takes place.Added support for double battles.Redid the infrastructure for wild and trainer battles.Added support for both wild and trainer battles.Added support for as many allies/opponents as necessary.You can now switch Pokémon.There is now a priority system in place (for moves like Quick Attack).One can now escape from a battle.A basic ability system is in place, currently allowing for abilities that trigger when a Pokémon is sent out as well as ones that trigger when other Pokémon use their ability.One can now enter battles.Set a lot of the infrastructure in place.Started work on the battle engine.
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